Friday, October 28, 2011

Angels in our midst...

It's easy to see blessings when you set your mind to the positive, and so I've been taking time to identify and acknowledge these in a daily gratitude journal. Sometimes the entries are simple things like an unexpected note, a phone call or visit from a friend or family member, and sometimes they are entries about the people I would have never met if not for my illness.

Strangers who demonstrated: kindness, compassion, hope and encouragement, just when I needed it most. Although, I may only name a few here, know that there have been many in the past year and as each day passes more of them appear along the way.

Dearest Pauline, you are filled with light and healing energy and through you I have gained peace, and the capacity to be gentle with myself. Thank you for your guidance and healing.

Holly, thank you for permission to allow myself to grieve and fall to pieces, when everyone around me always expects me to be strong, including the worst offender, me... Thank you for the encouragement to journal and embrace the journey.

Robert, I feel so fortunate that you did not see my disease as an obstacle to healing my shoulder. The pain began in January and by September when you came to help me, it was frozen and immobile. I thought I would never regain the strength or range of motion to use my arm again.You gave me hope, encouragement and the will to fight through the pain.

It's sad to say but when you have ALS, most of the medical professionals you encounter are focused on educating you on the progression of the disease, and helping you prepare for what's to come as you digress. It's rare to find someone who encourages you to fight! Thank you Robert for your positive spirit and faith in me.

Laurie, from the day we met, I felt as if I'd known you for years. Thank you for your visits, and listening as I babble endlessly... Your practical insights help me stay on track.

And....Joe, the neighbor just down the street, who may have never come by to meet us if he did not recognize that we shared the same challenging disease. Thank you for checking on me this week and bringing me hope in the form of new research information you gathered at a recent ALS seminar I could not attend.

To all of the Angels in our midst, it's likely that our paths would not have crossed if not for my situation, but my life has been impacted by your presence, my faith made stronger, and my heart has been touched, and for that I am truly grateful...


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  2. I love how you always see the bright side of life, Denise!


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