Monday, May 20, 2013

Puppies In Heaven...

Sometimes it seems like a three ring circus around here, but I wouldn't trade it for anything! If you've been reading my blog, then you already know about Blue, our 50 pound Border Collie mix, who thinks he's a lap dog. Given the chance, Blue would gladly sit on my lap, if he could just figure out how to get up here without hurting either of us. Luckily, he has not found a way.

Then there's Crabby, our cat. She has earned her name with her "Don't call us, we'll call you!" attitude. Don't misunderstand, she wants attention, it's just going to be on her terms, and not yours. You cannot pick her up, you cannot brush her, or move her, unless she approves. Weighing in at about ten pounds, I am often amazed at the effort it takes to get her to budge.

She is a beautiful long haired, grey and white kitty, with bright, hazel green eyes. Unfortunately, if she won't let you brush her coat, it becomes matted, and since that was my job, well... you get the picture. Recently, we had her groomed into a lion cut. It's exactly what you would imagine, she was shaved with the exception of her head in the shape of a lion's mane, and what appears to be a duster at the tip of her tail, simply hilarious! I'd imagine she's feeling a bit naked, having lost much of her body mass in the process!

She has taken to new behaviors as a result of the whole traumatic event: sleeping on the heating vents, my right shoulder during naps or overnight, and walking the length of the edge of the whirlpool tub, as if it were a balance beam, to jump on my lap during my therapies in the morning. Not that I mind so much, but she's disconnected my feeding tube a couple of times now, and that's a big mess!

Overall, I'd have to say, she has been a lot more cuddly.  She was living in the basement for about six months after we moved, and she has finally moved up to the main floor to live with the rest of the family. I still don't think that she's forgiven us, but it's nice to see her back.

Then after years of pleading, my wish came true on Valentine's Day, and my dear husband placed a ball of fur on my lap, later known as Sally or officially, Mustang Sally Brown, on her pedigree papers. She is the cutest thing on four feet! Golden and white, the most adorable menace you've ever met. Living up to her breeding, she's a little Shih... Tzu much of the time!

Nothing is safe anymore, Sally drags around whatever she can get to: slippers, shoes, towels, and unmentionables of all kinds. She loves to play in the backyard, hops through the grass like a bunny, and enjoys trudging through the flower beds to find a stick to chew on in the mulch. Sally doesn't subscribe to the idea of being a little lady, and returns looking like a scruffy mutt, enveloped in dirt! The only thing to do at that point, is to drop her into the laundry room tub. My husband seems to enjoy it and so does she, especially the blow dry to follow.

Blue and Sally are great together, rolling around on the floor, chasing each other, sharing their toys in a tug of war, and terrorizing the cat; they were fast friends. They have brought me so much joy and endless amusement, the very best medicine.

I feel a strong connection to our pets; I'm certain Blue knew I was sick well before we did. He is on the job 24 hours a day, even when I make the slightest noise in the still of the night, he is up on the bed investigating. There was even a time, I recall him waking my husband, in the middle of the night when I attempted to get up on my own, as if to say "Hold on, you're not going anywhere alone.", my protector.

Pets are God's little bundles of healing energy, and I sure hope there are puppies in heaven...

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this one. Your puppy was great and cute. I want to see them because I like your puppy she looks kind and naughty. I hope you will post more here.

    Vets Somerset


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