Friday, September 30, 2011

Falling in better places...

Although Target seemed to be my favorite place to fall, before long I began to fall in even better places...

There was the time when I was standing on line on a Monday morning around 7:30 am waiting to check in for a business conference at Ceasar's Palace. Dressed in my conservative navy suit and pumps trying to remain poised, I leaned a bit too far back and took the stantions down with me like a row of dominos, as I tumbled backward to the floor. My face turned red as I was pulled to my feet by a stranger, while others picked up the stantions and still others looked on.

Later when I shared the story with my husband via phone, in an effort to console me, he remarked "Don't worry about it Honey; you're in Vegas, I'm sure they just thought you were drunk!". Somehow, that didn't make me feel any less embarrassed, but it was amusing nonetheless.

That event was followed up a couple of weeks later, with a tumble right out of the shower in a hotel room on another business trip, no witnesses... I could pretend it never happened, but when I fell with a thunderous thud as I clunked my head on the floor in my office and two of my coworkers rushed in to pick me up, I couldn't deny it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How it all started ...

While I'm sure everyone's experience is a bit different, the first sign of trouble began with random falls at Target. My husband and I loved to take a trip to Target on Sunday afternoons to pick up groceries and odds and ends; we called it Target Sunday. Yes, I know, life in the suburbs is so exciting, but we loved to spend the time alone together even if it was just at Target.

Back to the falling...It's not as if I was wearing heels and tripped over my clumsy feet; I'd come to describe it as: the upper half of my body was headed down the frozen foods aisle ready to select my favorite ice cream and someone forgot to tell my legs to join us. Down I'd go, slam! Mostly my hips would take the hit as I fell to one side or the other; the bruises were rather attractive.

Often times I would have a Starbucks' Venti black coffee in hand for the event as was part of the Target Sunday ritual. It still perplexes the mind when I remember how often I fell without spilling a single drop. I'd land, coffee elevated high above my body like the Statue of Liberty holding her torch. This stunt played several times at the local Target but still I dismissed it as nothing more than my habit of moving faster than necessary for any given task. Let's just say I had an East Coast pace in a Midwestern environment.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Since I can't seem to manage to edit my profile successfully, this will serve as an introduction of sorts.

I consider myself to be just another ordinary person facing the challenges of physical limitations albeit with strong determination, a heap of faith and a bit of humor.

My hope is to share my journey with you; instill faith in the belief that we are not in control, no matter what we think, and expose the joys, blessings, and frustrations of adapting to the gradual loss of physical and sometimes emotional stability.